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Weather Vane regulations of a society
A HAPPY NEW YEAR This bulletin board is the enjoy people of Kasaoka.-city
It is a bulletin board.
It is not  "UEDA BEN"
It is called  "Weather Vane"
Hide coach trains specially.
It is at a base about a Kasaoka movement park.
The 21st century will become thin enduringly!!
It will apply in 100.
If dining out is occasionally called and all together
It has a meal out in the fields.
January 18 2002 The Okayama "Onbarakougen" field
It updates slightly. Under a local best point walk
Kasaoka Burst-open running Union
For confirming a confidential relation
It is in the sea too.

2002, Kashiwajima, Otsuki-cho
year August 13
Weather Vane experience dive tour
Mt,Ishizuchisan was climbed
Mt.Daisen is begun and it is Mt. Ontakesan. Mt.Ishizuchisan etc.
Only a famous mountain goes.
The rows of houses of Kasaoka are moved by himself.
There was no less than 5km of no aesthetic beaches!! Course
Support CHARI and a medical office companion

It is the shop of a purveyor rather than it says.
It is blown on the wind of Setouchi.
April 29, 2001
"Moriya "Morry " player entry
in Onbarakougen plateau
It gathers to "Taiyounohiroba".in kasaoka-city
The sea in Setouchi